Shop Drawing Value

When seeking a Shop Drawing Service for your Curtain Wall, Storefront or All-Glass Shop Drawings, you need a person who is competent, self-starting and dependable, so that you can manage the other aspects of your project.

This is where ADI is Exceptional!

Think of us as the person you share a wall with in your office building.  We have always prided ourselves as being the Drafter who shares a wall with you.  Hand off your project and we take care of it quickly at an expert level and if something should change, we are just a call away.

By Sheet

ADI uses at least 6 Elevations or 6 Details to consider a sheet worth full price.  Your current Shop Drawing Provider may not be as plentiful.

By Hour

We charge by the hour for Architect Redline Revisions or Architect Review Changes after your Submission to the Architect.  Changes / Corrections before your Submission are included.

By Quote

If you would like ADI to provide a Quote for Shop Drawings, it is very easy!  Send or Link us the Architecturals and your Quote or Take-Off that describes your Project Scope and we will provide same-day pricing.

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